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Syrlasu LLP has constructed more than 15 wells (9835, 127, 9850, 9834, 9853, 9856, RP-8, 9861, 9857, 9865, 9866, 9863, 905, 9870, 9871, 154 ) over the course of work on the Karachaganak Field

Replacement of LP flare header at the unit 2-230 at Unit-2

Maintenance and inspections of flare units during SD 2016

Temporary roads and fencing for piling activities at KGDBN

Infield pipeline from RMS W to Unit-2. Installation of a new 10″ infield pipeline and associated facilities

Various modifications of the process pipelines/piping at the existing facilities

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The period from September 16 to October 4, 2019, saw Syrlasu LLP participate in the shutdown (SD) at the facilities of KOGCF.

The following was carried out during SD:

  • Replacement of gas re-injection filters at Unit 2, including all dismantling and installation of piping
  • Replacement of LP flare header at Unit-2. The scope of work included the dismantling of the existing flare system line and installation of new lines
  • Replacement of above-ground pipeline sections of Unit 2 (8 inches, wall thickness 38 mm)
  • Gas re-injection tie-ins for 4th Compressor Project (Unit-2)
  • Remedial works to improve plant integrity Unit-2
  • Replacement of isolating valves at the pig launcher/receiver Unit-2
  • Upgrade of existing nitrogen generation package Unit-2
  • Remedial works to improve plant integrity EOPS
  • Tie-ins and replacement of pipeline sections as well as replacement of equipment at Unit-3
  • Replacement of packing elements of DRIZO contactors at KPC
  • Inspection and maintenance of LP flares at EOPS, KOTS, KPC, Unit-3, Unit-2, 8 flares in total

We managed to complete works ahead of schedule due to teamwork of the company’s personnel, proper preparation, adequate planning and high professionalism.  KOGCF Management expressed gratitude to Syrlasu LLP for its excellent work.